I am not comfortable with my body

A couple of months back, I was forced to have an operation on my spine. It has left rather a large scar, and I am not happy to show off my body any more. The scar is fading but I am really conscious about it being there. The other night, one of the gents that I date at London escorts asked me to wear a backless dress. Needless to say I was not comfortable at all, and it was the only date at London escorts that left me upset. The gent was really nice about it and said that he could hardly see the scar.

Is it all in my head? A couple of my London escorts friends say that it is all in my head. I know what they mean, but I am not sure that they are right. I keep on looking at it all of the time and I can see it there. Sure, some of the other girls at London escorts have scars, but they are not as big as mine. Getting used to being naked is really difficult for me and I am not sure that I am ever going to get comfortable with it again.

The funny thing is that I think that I can even feel my scar. The doctors say that it has healed perfectly but I think that I can feel it all of the time. Another girl that I work with at London escorts had surgery on her leg, and says that it down to all of all of the nerves they cut. She went through similar thing but now she does not worry about her scar now. When she goes on business dates for London escorts, she often wears a short dress and calls her scar a battle scar. Don’t worry about she says.

I am sure that I am going to get to grips with my scar. It is a matter of learning to live it. The first thing that I do when I come off my shift at London escorts, is to take my clothes off and look at the scar. It is sort of my way of getting used to the scar. I told one of my favorite escorts gents about this habit, and he says that it is not good for me to do that. Instead he says that I should focus on the fact that my back is better. I know what he means but I am used to having the perfect body.

The perfect body image is the problem for a lot of ladies not only London escorts. I keep thinking about ladies who have worse scars than I do. How do they manage and how to they feel about themselves? It would be nice to talk to them and seem how they overcame their scars. Perhaps I am turning my scar into an emotional scar like my friend Cindy says. I have this feeling that she is right. Maybe I should just think about my scar as my own battle scar and be glad that my back is a lot better. Isn’t that really what it is all about? I just wish that I could get all of these negative thoughts out of my head.

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